Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Beach Review: Bonny Doon

Click on photo above to see map

I like this beach. My rating [Link] 85

Since the closure of Red White and Blue Beach to the south Bonny Doon seems to me to have become the primary clothing optional beach in the area. Most of the (90 - 98% male) clothing optional crowd is in the beach at the north of Bonny Doon, which is the beach best sheltered from the wind.

If you are into the "clothing optional" scene, then score. If you are totally disgusted by this scene, then stay away. If you are indifferent, in the middle and don't care one way or the other what other people do as long as they leave you alone then there are some real advantages to this beach.

Remember it is clothing optional, you do not have to get naked. There are some real benefits to this beach and having naked people around you:

  • It is quiet, no loud music or beach parties.
  • No kids running around, being loud and kicking sand in your face.
  • Nobody having a cow if you have a beer or bring a bottle of wine.
  • The only dogs I have seen here are little, not obnoxious, on a leash and quiet.

It may be that having naked people around you is worth the benefits. Just be sure you don't get too close to the cliffs. If you do, you may be hit by a falling rock or falling gawker who does not have a life and gets too close to the edge of the cliffs above.

The surf here is spectacular. Big waves crash against the rocks here with sound and fury. I wouldn't bring my extended family here. But, it's a nice place to relax with a book.